I Am A Cat Lover

私は猫大好き人間です。愛猫ネトが亡くなってからは猫を飼うという事はなくなりましたが、猫に対する愛情は今でも変わらずであります。ある日の事、伊原美代子さんの「みさおとふくまる」という写真集に出会いました。その写真一枚一枚をがグッとくる瞬間を捉え、見る度に心がホワホワと暖まり優しく幸せな気分になります。養老先生とまるの本と合わせてずっと大切にしたい1冊だなあ。ネトが気持ち良さそ〜に爆睡しているこの写真を見ていると、一緒に住んでいた頃が懐かしくなると同時に、笑顔にさせてくれます。今頃天国でもこんな風にお昼寝しているのでしょうか・・・:) おデブちゃんだった我が家のネト、タヌキと間違われたこともあったっけ(笑)。

I am a huge cat lover. I haven’t had a cat myself since I lost my dearest cat, Neto, but my feelings for them have never changed. I came across this beautiful photo book called Misao & Fukumaru by Miyoko Ihara one day. Each photograph is beautifully captured and they just make you feel very warm and sweet. I’ll definitely keep this book along side with a book about Prof. Yoro & Maru in the shelf. Whenever I see this picture of Neto sleeping in a very relaxed style, it brings me back the days when we lived together and makes me smile at the same time. I wonder if he is having a happy nap like this in the heaven… :) He was big and there was a time when people thought he was a raccoon dog!


This little cat souvenir is what Nathan brought back from Melbourne this morning.

Friday I Was In Love With Cooking


Breakfast : French Toast, Coffee & Some Nice Magazine


Lunch :  Gnocchi with Fresh Tomato, Basil & Peas


Dinner : Potato Salad, Lotus Root Kimpira, Black Quinoa/Amaranth Rice, Celery Leaves & Seaweed Miso Soup (it wasn’t in this picture, but I had Natto, too!)

Middleton Beach Holiday


RIP Grandma


My grandma in Okinawa passed away last Sunday. I would like to celebrate her great life of 95 years rather than feeling sad about it. I’m 34 now and haven’t reached even half of her life yet, realising what living for 95 years means. It’s been more than 10 years since the last time I saw her and it is a shame that I never had a chance to introduce my husband to her in person. I will definitely bring him to Okinawa one day, definitely. Dear Grandma, rest in peace and I hope you’ve found peace with beautiful blue skies and oceans…xxx.

In Our Apartment